Different ducklings!

This morning there was a meeting at church which was quite interesting.  Stereotypes, and how do we feel about it?  I must admit I had to come in late because I was at my Algebra class, but we ended on a positive note.  Seventeen ladies in a room means more chatting than I have energy to report.

Afterward, the refreshments were donuts and coffee, tea, or water.  Several of the ladies said they hadn’t had a donut in Years, and considering the emphasis our church places on healthy eating and living, I can believe truly, that donuts are not offered on a regular basis.

The subject came up of my last post.  This is why I have to keep my narratives on the up-and-up, so many nice people from my church read my online notes and just might have something to say next time I pass out the coffee mugs.
Well, anyway, I had mentioned something about ducks being guarded by the Secret Service.  So what does one of my friends mention but that a duck is sitting on a nest in the front garden of the church grounds. 
She led me out of the building, and pointed to behind a bench. 
I had to look three times and move in closer to see, but yes, indeed, a wood duck being very still and blended right in with the colors of the prairie grass.
My friend says there are nine eggs in the nest.  She counted them one time while the mom was taking her evening constitutional walk, and someone carefully held back the grasses.

The closest body of water is at least a half mile away.  After those babies hatch out and are able to get going, that momma duck will have her own little parade and story to show us enraptured humans.

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