Make way for Ducklings

So I’m reading the local newspaper, which is a great thing to be doing next to the open window on a lovely Sunday afternoon. 

I read all the comics, and most of the PARADE magazine, and the Focus section where the Anniversary/Engagements/New Names items are listed.

Then I go over to the Chicago Tribune and glance over the lingering coverage about the Pope’s passing, and all of Mary Schmich/Eric Zorn column and I come across a little 2×3 item which just screamed out “Your tax dollars at work!”

Here in its entirety

Washington D.C.

Federal Agents make way for Ducklings

The Secret Service, which has the job of guarding the President and other dignitaries, now has a new temporary duty—protecting a mother duck and her nine eggs.

The duck, a brown mallard with white markings, has built a nest in a mulch pile at the main entrance to the Treasury Department on Pennsylvania Avenue.

The Secret Service’s uniformed division has set up metal guardrails to protect the nest.

The eggs are expected to hatch the last week of April, at which time the duck will be relocated closer to water.

The clipping will go inside my copy of the book MAKE WAY FOR DUCKLINGS by Robert McCloskey. 
This goes to show that life often imitates art…..
~~love and Huggs, Diane


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