A Surprise in the Middle

This morning, I woke up more than 20 minutes before the alarm went off, mostly because there was a rainstorm happening outside and the new basement window covers are in place and sound like drums when water is pounding on them.  Whoever decided that bedroom windows should be directly above the below ground basement windows and that a pit should be in the ground so that weeds can sprout and water rush in to flood the basement.  Husband put clear covers over the basement windows so that light can get in, but water does not.  Through a screened window, these protectors sound like drums when it’s raining, and the noise woke me up.

We went to McD’s for breakfast.  What happened next says that the Rapture draweth nigh.

I stripped off my jacket and said it was hot in there, and here I am with coffee.  Next chair sat Husband saying it seemed a bit cool, and he wished he had brought a jacket. 
He asked for mine.  Did you get that?  HUSBAND ASKED FOR A JACKET because he had a chill.  All through breakfast, he wore my hoodie shirt and I fanned my face with a napkin.  I couldn’t finish my coffee, I feared a hot flash coming on, and hot drinks make one a whole lot worse.

We proceed with the day.  My latest Algebra quiz came back with a 20/25.  I am just about lost with this chapter.  I still don’t get the differences of Simplify and find the Value.  The lecture didn’t help much because in two problems the answer had (—X positive or negative—); in two more the answers were fractions; and for the last, after covering a half page with numbers, the = pointed to a 1. 
Just the number 1. 
I wore my pencil point down to the wood, and the answer is 1.  Don’t tell me that Algebra will be useful at some point later in my life.  I’m not in the mood to hear it.

When I got home, I read the newspaper and my favorite weblogs.  I am supposed to be doing the research and analyze information for my next paper for Composition 101, but inspiration is slow in coming.  I did print out a bit from an informational website, that should help with some of the analysis.
Having been sitting in this chair quite long enough, I walked down to the basement to make sure that no rain had gotten in, and if so, that no items were sitting in sogginess.  Then I decided to get a load of laundry going while I was down there, no sense in wasting a trip.

The doorbell rang.  Who could that be in the middle of the day?  Hopefully, not Mormon missionaries, or Jehovah’s Witnesses.  I ran upstairs, the cats running even quicker.
I peeked out the window of the living room, just to be sure.  Blue uniform.  The USPS mail carrier had to ring the bell because the amount of stuff would not fit through the slot.  When I opened the door, she said she hoped to catch me at home, she did not want it all to get wet. 
There were at least 6 magazines and catalogs, several things in envelopes, and a package! 
At first I thought it might be a part for the VW Beetle Bug, but no, this was wrapped and addressed by hand.  The name was Mine!
What’s this?  I haven’t ordered anything for ages. 
A surprise, for Me! 

I set the gift aside, and carefully sorted out the mail into the kitchen mailboxes.  Lucas’ box is getting full, we shall have to make a trip over to see him soon.

Then I sat and I looked at the Return Address.  Why, this surprise comes from one of my faithful readers.  This is just too sweet, that someone I have only known online should send me a gift I can hold in my hands. 
It has been quite some time since my heart has been moved so much.  I’m thinking not since my cousin in Alaska sent me a book last Fall.
I took a knife off the magnet and carefully slit the tape holding the box shut.  A note inside says it is sent with “Good Wishes and a little humor”.
What I pulled out, well, I wish my youngest sister had been in the kitchen with me.  She just Loves Maxine and all the gripes and one-liners.  As it is, she will be quite jealous.

I just had to take a couple pictures to show you.  The ultimate gift for someone going through The Change.

When you squeeze her hand, she has a hot flash.  I can relate.

according to the tag, you can see more about Maxine at Hallmark.com

Thank You! , Momma Mary.  Maxine has a place of honor on the shelf just above my monitor. 

~~love and Huggs, Diane


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