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<"When are your classes out?">

schooling, eerrrggh!

Dear Sis,
I had a meeting with my Academic Advisor on Monday.  She helped explain how I should be able to register for classes Online because I are stoopid and could not get in by the deadline.  The computerese is going smoothely now, so I am registered.

IF I take two remedial/make-up classes this summer, Intermediate Algebra and Speech 101, and a Full schedule for the next Fall and Spring Semesters, then I should earn an AA (Associate in Arts) emphasis in Early Childhood Education by this time next year.  The transcripts from the late ‘70s gave me 32 hours in credit—zowee, I am sooo happy.  I will never want to take Humanities again.  ‘Course I never wanted to see Algebra again, but they got me for it in a major way……

The Int. Alg. is contingent that I pass the current Elementary Algebra with at least a grade of C.  I had a B at mid-term, but man, that last chapter and test was a doozy.  There is a quiz tomorrow, so I just used up more than 2 hours and $6 on Mocha Biancas at Latte Time doing my homework and studying and writing my formula notes.
Our instructor allows us to write the formula down, but we still have to fill the numbers in at the proper slots, so this is a crutch, not a cheat.
We also use a calculator, which helps greatly because I can never remember when you multiply two negative numbers whether the answer should be positive or negative.  The calculator knows.
Algebra is “easy” these days compared to Mr. Sommers at MFHS in 1972.

Six pages typed for Paper 3 is due Wednesday April 27, I am working in the church kitchen for a dinner the evening of the 28th,  tv’s JAG finale is Friday April 29, I have an invite to a Mary Kay party Saturday April 30, the Women/Girl Event is at church May 3 (~~yours truly~~ is doing the program—it was either that or they were gonna cancel), my portfolio for the Composition 101 class is due May 9? and the Final for Algebra is May 11. 
I am going back to the Valley the last weekend in May for my high school Alumni Banquet.
My mom and brother and I are gonna party!!!  This year, let’s hope no tornadoes during my 10 hour drive back home.

My summer classes begin in June, the second week, I Think.  Chris is the Best Man in a wedding in June.  I never knew so many appointments/meetings/duties were required of attendants.  These are kids we have known for years, and we want this to go off without a hitch.

The calendar is filling up way fast for the next couple months.  Husband just sorta smiles indulgently, gets up in the morning and goes to his job willingly.
He supports the social life and Internet equipment for the rest of us….
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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