Getting it done

The only exercise I have gotten today is walking from the parking lot into class, then back out to the car.  I always park near the same tree, no matter what time I have the first class.  That way, I can leave by any door of the building and head by habit.

At home I unloaded, then reloaded, the dishwasher and got it going.

The rest of the time, I have been here in front of the computer trying to make some sense out of the responses to survey questions, and quotes from the church website.
Now I have to write about all of it in a coherent way about volunteers and a positive attitude into a SIX page paper.
Seven CDs of soft music have made their way through the boombox.

Whenever my bottom says that being in another position would be a good thing, I get up to walk down the hall to the bathroom to offload all the cups of tea I have been drinking.  Come to think of it, that isn’t much of a difference in posture for very long, but the walking is good.

If I get this dang thing done, a walk around the block will happen.  It is already too late to turn this in for the goal of 4:30pm.

I’ll drop the full folder into the mailbox at her office on my way to Algebra in the morning.

Now I gotta get back to to typing on the other tab. 
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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