To such as These

Last week I got a nice surprise e-mail from someone whose name is Julie.  She said she reads my blog and remembered when I mentioned that I would be making a crochet cross for a sympathy card (is that really in the archives?) and then she asked if I had a pattern.
Read on about crochet cross markers and children’s songs

My hobby overdrive kicked in.  I went to the public library and photocopied the patterns I have.  I wrote out a couple of the adjustments to the edging for one cross.  I made a cross to enclose in the package.  (that would be the rose-colored one) 
It so happened that I would also need another cross this week, for a sympathy card.  (the silver and charcoal grey one) A girl I went through school with, from First Grade through the 30th high school reunion, one who has remained in the old hometown in the Ohio Valley, well her dad passed away, and I read his obituary on the newspaper website. 
Both of these went out in separate packages on Wednesday. 
Crocheted crosses for a young mom and a grieving daughter
(Click for close detail)

The mail system sure does a fine job.
This is no problem for me.  My favorite thing to do these days is to sit and crochet while some good music is playing. 
If the music is Live, so much the better. 
There are times when the thread seems to pick up the rhythm of the notes, when a sort of calm settles over me.  Perhaps better than a Therapist, yet the health insurance is paying quite a chunk of change for appointments with her the last few months.

Since the rose cross is going to a mom with young children, I decided to listen to a lullaby CD.
It is one I purchased at a church Women’s Retreat, and many of the songs have a Christian theme.  I cannot find it on Amazon, but maybe if I give some information, you might be able to find it.
The artist is Kim Thiessen. The title of the album is
To such as These….songs and lullabies for children of the World.  produced in 2002 by Mennonite Central Committee.

The singer has a strong alto voice, and takes a breath in all the right places. A couple songs have a children’s choir as backup.  There is some nice classical guitar, with a dulcimer for accompaniment.  A few are in one or another foreign language (including Zulu!)
When I bought it, I had thought I would take it to the daycare center for naptime, but the Christian songs put a hold on that.  No small child should be banned from hearing the words

Angels watching ever round thee,
all through the night

When he was passing through the living room, Husband said a review of such a fine album would be good for my blog. 
Chris says the guitar playing is well done, so I can assure you that my ears are not the only ones who appreciate these kiddie songs.

Now the day is over, night is drawing nigh
Shadows of the evening steal across the sky

Now the darkness gathers, stars begin to peep
Birds and beasts and flowers soon will be asleep

Jesus give the weary, calm and sweet repose
With your tend’rest blessing, may our eyelids close

When the morning wakens, then may I arise
Pure and fresh and sinless, in Thy holy eyes.

I just had a terrible time folding the paper to get it back into the case.  Maybe it is time I say the day is done and I head down the hall to bed.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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