Busy elsewhere

Have been occupied here at home, school, and church lately, so writing for the ‘Net took a backseat.
At home, I am crocheting cross markers for 5 people.  In between those (when I want to change the size of the thread and the hook) I am doing rectangles for a patch style baby afghan for the church relief sale the third weekend in March.
For school, I am supposed to be doing research and writing a three page paper.  And Algebra is Scientific Notation, which is much easier to do now with a hand-held calculator….so very much better than 1972.
The church is having Family Fun Nights on Wednesdays, and I help in the kitchen.  Tonight was sloppie joes, and we finally got the taste just right.  Too many cooks make great sandwich filler.
Husband took the VW out on this sunny day.  It is a nice thing we have three vehicles, all were gone away at 3pm. 

So, this is an itinerary rather than a heartfelt message.  I’m too tired to get emotional.  Sometimes, just putting one foot in front of the other and getting the job done is nice.
And today, all’s well that ends well.

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