Follow Me, Boys!

Dear Ones,
This evening, I sat on the couch and watched a movie I own on DVD
Follow Me, Boys! starring Fred MacMurray and Kurt Russell.
One of the best things about dvd is the extra features, and this one has interviews with the guys who were in the original troop and are now all growed up.
They all said how gracious a man was Fred MacMurray, that it had been great to work with him.  One guy said he met Walt Disney when he came to the set.
It seems a bit weird to me to see these actors who were my age then, and as guys who are my age now, and to realize what a special time it was—how much we children were allowed to be young.
For my snack to go with the movie, rather than popcorn,  I indulged in some Breyer’s all Natural Vanilla ice cream topped by some mixed berries from the freezer section at Kroger.
What a fine time on a weekend evening!
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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