Monday, Monday

Not much going on today.
Composition Class was a snore.  For a three page paper on a cultural phenomenon, there sure is too much time devoted to getting it going.
Algebra test returned a 93/100, which is so much better than I had hoped for…
The weather turned cold again down to 21, with snow flurries all day.  Oscar does not like this and goes out and comes back in at regular intervals.  He looks at me like I should be able to hurry up with the warmer temperatures!
I read a full, complete, fiction, romance book.  Summer I Dared by Barbara Delinsky borrowed from the public library.  It is so new that there is a 7-day limit and a waiting list.  After reading it, I think Husband and I should start saving up and making plans to have a vacation on an island in Maine, and eat lobster caught fresh that morning.  He has had the pleasure in his youth, but says he would be quite willing to repeat the experience.

Golly, the hour is late.  The dishes are still piled up all over the counters.  I am going to load the dishwasher and get to bed.

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