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Folks Back in the Valley

Here are some of the folks back in the Valley. My friend Karen.  My first memory of her is 3rd grade, but we might go back further than then. This is her front yard, which she is shaping up to … Continue reading

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What’s wrong with your Wrist?

There was awhile when I worked as a Baker in a cafeteria. I was okay so long as my duties were doing the baking and sometimes washing my own set of bowls and utensils. Then the dish machine was removed … Continue reading

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A Kindred Spirit

When I was a younger mom with young kids to entertain, it seemed like I wasn’t as patient with them as I might have been.  But I usually had a little something for distraction in my purse.  Tiny cars, a … Continue reading

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The Alumni Banquet

The main reason I went back to the Valley was for the MFHS Alumni Association Banquet. I have already written a separate e-mail to those most connected with the hometown. This is my mom.  Her name is Kerma. All the … Continue reading

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Water in the Valley

It seems the emphasis of Nature there in the upper part of the Ohio River valley is water. There is water all over the place, either rain pouring down or floods rising up. Wherever water moves along, it gets a … Continue reading

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