Water in the Valley

It seems the emphasis of Nature there in the upper part of the Ohio River valley is water.
There is water all over the place, either rain pouring down or floods rising up.

Wherever water moves along, it gets a name. Big Wheeling Creek Rush Run Boggs Run   Wetzel Springs Patton’s Run

I am not sure of the name of the creek that runs alongside and across the road from my mom’s house.  I do know that every time any of my sons go back to the Valley, they have to go check out the creek.

The creek pictures, for yesterday and this one, are by Chris.  He did a little walking tour of my mom’s acres, at least the places where my sister and her family keep the weeds at bay by mowing.

Those houses belong to the neighbors.  Mom’s house sits about halfway up the hill, barely visible from the road.  Looking at them close together like that, it seems odd that they are not part of town.  The closest store is 5 miles away, and any children of proper age will ride the school bus about 6 miles.
When I was growing up, we could see our school from the back bedroom window.
Dad bought the house on the pike when I was away at college the second time, all those years ago.

At the far end of the cleared area, the property gets steeper going down towards the road again.

I think it looks real spooky, especially after the storm passed but the heat remained, leaving water in various phases from mist to a drop going splat the size of a half dollar on the patio.

Like I said before, thoughts are mixed.
I don’t know that I can write about all this as a day-by-day diary.  Plus, some of the family members want to have edit powers, which seems to take away much of the fun of having a weblog.
And I don’t have the technical knowledge to do a fancy photo album sequence, so I’ll have to spread the cheer.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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