What’s wrong with your Wrist?

There was awhile when I worked as a Baker in a cafeteria.
I was okay so long as my duties were doing the baking and sometimes washing my own set of bowls and utensils.
Then the dish machine was removed because of some sort of drain problem, and so the tall man whose official job was to wash dishes quit.

My own duties were shifted around to include washing dishes for the whole kitchen in a triple sink (suds, rinse, bleach/sanitize).

By the end of 6 months (during which my family was rightfully begging me to quit), my shoulders and hands were tingling from swelling and nerve damage, so I filed for Worker’s Compensation.
Weeks of Physical Therapy and lesser duties at the job helped some, but I finally had to have surgery, on each hand, for carpal tunnel syndrome during the Summer of 1998.

The drive to Ohio has aggravated the old problems.  Steering wheel without cruise control for 10 hours each way, driving around to see the relatives up and down the hills, although Chris drove most of the way back.
Plus I am trying to get done the latest crochet project, so I put on five rows last evening.

Then today begins my class for Educational Psychology, so I was taking notes.

The wrists both are aching, but especially my left hand, so I put the splint on for awhile.

By chance, Husband sent me a link about the questioning which goes on when noticed to be wearing a splint.

I’ll be over in the other corner reading my homework assignment and doing a bit of hand recuperation before I can muster up the energy to work on any more pictures.

Here’s hoping this finds you all fine and dandy.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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