Oh, yeah, I remember this place

Husband says I need to write something for my blog.
Finding myself with an open evening, I’m wondering what I should write about.
The only pictures on my camera chip are of Scratchy in a small box, and I already sent a copy out to my Dear Ones+ by e-mail.
Totally forgot to take a picture of the 7 hats knitted and already gone for the charity tree at the nursing home.

He says I should write about my feelings of righteous indignation connected with this post If you can’t stand the heat
but I don’t want to get myself all worked into a snit after such a fine afternoon with friends in my Needlework Group.
However, next time some guy says in a public prayer to God that our children should stay strong-in-the-Lord whenever they meet a homosexual, well, I’ll move with my first instinct, which is to say rather loudly “the Jesus I know loves everybody in the world, no exceptions” then harrumph out the door with my crochet bag in hand.
When I mentioned that to a teacher who had also been in the same meeting, she said she would have been trotting just a few steps behind me.
Politeness should be set aside for some good reasons. Now for courage to make it so.

I could go over to knit more rows on the latest hat, which is lovely blue, but Husband says I need to write something for the blog.

My brother-in-law’s birthday is today. Not sure what to get for a guy who has everything he needs, and very few wants. I sent a book about personal experiences
No One but You by Douglas Wood
and got a text message saying Thanks. Now his phone number is in my Contacts.
Heh Heh. Ulterior motives abound.

The supper dishes are waiting all over the counter, and need to be loaded into the dishwasher. I am such a messy cook, and there are alot of dishes and pans, but it has been quite awhile since I wrote something for the blog.

Son Chris has moved himself, his sweetie, and some stuff to an apartment, but Scratchy cat is still waiting here with us while they get more settled in over there. The last couple days, little fur friend is lonesome. Watching the door, sitting by the window, being nice to Oscar. Where has this side of him been for several months?

I have had some TA Sub jobs, mostly in Pre-K at risk class. I love the flexibility of time and buildings. Once I don’t have to be a cat referee (aka Scratchy goes to be with his more favorite human) then I can work more into schedule out of the house. Geriatric cat Oscar sleeps long hours when left on his own. His last check-up says he is fine for his 16 years.

Folks all over have been asking plans for Thanksgiving. Husband and I are going to be with friends at a restaurant on the holiday. First time ever for me, and I think for him, too. Younguns are making plans of their own.
I will be buying a frozen turkey while on sale, to be cooked some other time. Nothing quite like leftovers.

Husband is on the treadmill. Sounds like it needs some maintenance, having been used for as many miles as he walks on it.

Ho hum, here is proof that I did write something for the blog.
But the dishes are waiting, the knitting is calling, and it would be be very wrong if I were to pee on the keyboard.
Yep, I’m going elsewhere, away from the bright screen.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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A gal with a kind heart. Married to a nice guy. Empty Nest. Part-time flexible job in the public school system. Loves to work with yarn.
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