Cat. Yarn. Typical story of the day

It’s a lovely morning outside, even if the porch thermometer said 27°F when I looked at it almost dawn.

There were 2 jobs on SubFinder for this fine Wednesday,
but I turned them away to be able to stay home waiting for a schedule to have some strong guys come carry away our old freezer. Phone connections and terse FAQ attendants on the other end are not for the faint-of-heart. My patience wears thin. The appliance has taken space in the laundry room for too long already.
Husband managed to get it empty and moved closer to the bottom of the stairs, but now we have both new and old freezers plugged in.
I hope to soon learn that perseverance will pay off.

Anyway, this is how Oscar used up our morning 30 November 2011
It seems he has reclaimed his sunny window
from younger cat invader Scratchy, who has moved out with his favorite humans to their own apartment.

other than breakfast, reading the paper, and being on hold for the phone
I tried to begin a worthwhile project.

Getting acquainted with my new Martha Stewart Crafts loom kit

Mine was ordered on sale from an online source. On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, I learned that our local MICHAEL’s store has the kit on the shelf. Reading the small print on the store coupon, I learned that Martha Stewart Crafts are not valid for the discount, so I’m not quite as disappointed as I might have been. Would rather shop here in town if a promotion is good.

It comes in its own rather flimsy box, but the other day I went shopping for a preferred carrying case. Found a fishing tackle (ahem girly pink-n-purple) box almost the right size, but will have to keep looking. The longest straight pieces of the loom are about 14″ long, so the case being 14.25″ is a bit short, and they fit crossways, leaving room for little else.

Since I already know how to knit a hat, a blue one will be my first project

Just putting in the pegs has my finger sore. Will have to build a callous

and I definitely will be watching the LION Brand online Tutorial videos for doing straight edges for dishcloths, scarfs, and the weaving feature. Might be a major effort for personal education over Winter Break from school. Once I absorb the knowledge to do a crafty something, there is usually someone else who wants me to give a lesson, especially within my Needlework Group at the Activity Center.

Well, I should be doing something else. Not sure what, since nothing here in the house would bring wages my way.
I suppose I could start putting already done items into boxes, getting ready for shipping. Tomorrow starts December, and relatives live far away.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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