One Way to quench thirst

So I had a post all ready to copy onto the blog, when the box locked up. It has done this 4 times in 8 days, so I guess I should pester my Tech Guy to tell me that I have the worst luck with the stupid thing.
Sadder still, even tho I had done a Control C to copy, it did not stay in the hidey place after I pulled the plug for a restart. Poof went a half hour of typing. And you all know how I don’t like to type, which is why I do other things, and the blog gets neglected for weeks and weeks.

Now the dryer is buzzing. You folks might never know the story.
Finally, here it is:
on Friday morning, friends gathered in the church parking lot for the car pool to Women’s Retreat. There were 10 of us, five in each van, with our stuff, plus some other stuff, and a 5 hour drive ahead of us, going to southwest Michigan.
We headed to Camp Friedenswald, where we met up with other friends, some who we hadn’t seen since the third weekend of September last year.
You know how it is when friends get together, Talking, and huggs, and alot of “now where was I” so I won’t go on about it.

There -is- a story I want to share, so I will write it down here so my blog Archives can find it some other time.

The speaker in the service on Saturday morning had a bit of coughing spell, so she asked for a glass of water. A gal who is on camp Staff, hopped up, went out a side door, and a minute later we see the golf cart/transport go by the window. I thought about the rest room at the back of the chapel, then remembered need for a glass.
the speaker tried to go on, but I’m sure the Fall foliage had other ideas about sinus troubles, as another spasm caused her to step away from the microphone.
She said “I’m sure she’s taking her time on purpose”, which brought some laughter to relieve the situation.

Soon enough, the golf cart came back, and the Staff gal came in with a large glass of water. The speaker took a big gulp, swallowed, and said ever so sweetly “Thank You for hurrying” just as the water girl walked by me. There was a hoot of laughter from the audience.

I got a questioning look, so I whispered “there’s a story for later” so she nodded okay.

After the service, I told the water carrier the story, and others added more detail.

I have never been able to pull off a joke like that. My brain ain’t quick enough, my mind goes a different direction.

In the evening, when I went back to the chapel for a bit of rehearsal for the Scripture reading, there was a big picnic cooler of water on the corner of the stage, with a brite pink plastic cup resting on top, and a note taped to it “for Lorraine Only”
The joke is ongoing, yet no one is harmed.

When the speaker came to the microphone,
her first words were “Thank You for taking care of my needs”.
More giggles all around.

Later, during a more informal time, I noticed name tags. The speaker, and the water bearer have the same last name, and there was an older lady also at the table. The women are married to brothers, and their mother-in-law, all at Retreat. They have had years of laughter to pull pranks on each other.

I am a wee bit envious. My relatives are not woven the same way, although I do love them dearly. Sweet talk ain’t natural.

Well, this does not read as smoothly as my first attempt, but I hope it goes to post.

I have to do a couple more household chores before the premiere of JEOPARDY!

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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