Wrong time of night for walking the dog

Called my mom the other evening, just to chat. There was nothing good on tv, plus it has been awhile since I learned any news from her. In an emergency, one of my sisters would let me know, but Mom is back in her own house after she has had some health issues in the last few months, so she wants me to call to show I care.

So we were talking about how time has slowed down a bit for the Summer. Mine seems to be humming along in an almost boring fashion, but I’m trying to save money in small ways. Outgoing bills actually hover over our heads, for we are gathering paperwork to take out a loan to have some major work and replacement of the roof on the house.

Also the subject of her next birthday party came up. My sisters are planning a big shindig, and I have offered to pay my sibling share for the caterer, but the date is in January, and I don’t want to be worrying for snowstorms and icy roads just because she decided to enter the world during Winter.
Mom broke in saying that I loved to travel when I was a kid. Over the years we went to Niagra Falls a couple times, Virginia Beach, Myrtle Beach, Mount Rushmore, Disney World just a year after it opened. And countless trips to Cedar Point and Kennywood Park to ride roller coasters. Dad loved a roller coaster.

Her saying that I loved to travel– well, she is a bit mistaken on that. I liked seeing other places, but the getting there, crammed in a car with both parents together at the same time, and arguing with my sisters over whose turn to be in the back of the station wagon caused some of my most traumatic memories.
My husband did love to travel when he was a kid. He got to play on the beach while at a cabin in Maine. His mother and older sister are Planners with a Capital P, and details seemed to fall into place from the youngest boy’s point of view.

When our sons were little, there was no money for us to go anywhere. We both had low income jobs for a long time. Having a car in good condition for a road trip didn’t happen for years. I hope they do have fond memories of Summertime, with a bunch of younguns running thru the water sprinkler, catching lightning bugs to look at in pickle jars, and making homemade frozen yogurt pops.

Anyway, Mom thinks I need an adventure, some traveling, especially if it means visiting her again now that she is feeling better than when I was there the end of May.
Myself, I am not looking for anything out of the ordinary, but manage to have some things land in my lap.
Shopping for a new lawnmower meant I got to ride in a big flatbed truck. The road looks quite serious from a seat so high off the pavement.

A favorite book author of mine is Richard Peck, “an American novelist known for his prolific contributions to modern young adult literature”. You can look up more information about him on Wikipedia if you want to. My introduction happened when I was in one of the junior high schools, being a TA Sub Tutor for a Reading Group which had been assigned a book written by him.
Most of his books are about little details of daily life. It is always a big deal when the people leave their own small place in the world, and travel–either into town, or to visit a great-aunt at the Chicago World’s Fair. Sometimes, the whole book takes place in a single farmyard. He is an author with many awards for writing about normal happenings of regular people.
Maybe I should take on that perspective. I haven’t left the city limits in weeks, but life is moving along.

As for drama, we did have some on Friday evening. our Borrowed Dog, Annie had the afternoon here at the house while son Chris and his sweetie were at their jobs and/or social events. I walked her down the Court about 7 in the evening. Shortly after 10, Chris walked her down the other street in the opposite direction.
When they returned to the house, we smelled SKUNK. Yep, the sweet little doggy girl got a dose of stink.

So George goes looking on the Internet for remedy (not tomato juice, which we have none), Chris is scooting himself and dog together into the shower, after handing all his clothes to me around the bathroom door. I carried those outside and got ’em to soaking in a tub with a vinegar rinse.
Cannot tell how many gallons of water were used, but almost a gallon of white vinegar, the bottle of dish liquid is down a cup, also a spritz of hydrogen peroxide. Plus I had to put 2 loads thru the laundry machines.
Having a skunk do its squirt on a dog right at bedtime was enough adventure for me to last the weekend.

However, it was my turn to be Fellowship Hour Hostess at church. Saturday was some grocery shopping; then Sunday set-up, serving, clean-up ending at 1pm, which wore me out enough that an afternoon hour nap on the couch was much appreciated. Got many praises and expressions of gratitude on Facebook.

When we went to Chicago for a day trip a few weeks ago, we were walking through a park. A gal was sitting on a blanket on the lawn, so I asked what was she waiting for?
She said there would be some music later. When I saw the sign, I read the start time for the concert would be in 2 hours. She must have really wanted that particular spot to be holding it so early.
Folks don’t have to squat for a good place on the west side of Cook Hall. Monday evenings in July is Concert on the ISU Quad. and last evening’s JAZZ was just delightful.
I crocheted a whole potholder because cotton yarn was all my sweaty hands wanted to bother with.
Ya see, we have the same events that could happen other places, even the big city.

the buzzer for the washer sounded. Better get those things out on the line so they get dry by sunset. Or sooner, but I don’t plan to bring them in until then.

Husband and I are waiting for the arrival of his sister. She is traveling, on her way to a school reunion, but stopping here for awhile. Her last e-mail says she wants Lunch when she gets here, so I suppose plans should commence. Have not done grocery shopping for the house, plus it’s too hot to cook. 95° according to the voice on the phone. Wonder where we should pay for our meal?

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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