Granny Squares Blankie

The other day, I received an e-mail which had the words “I hate to ask this” written within, which means the person might be asking for me to do something I might find odious, such as having Sarah Palin as an overnight guest.
But no, all she wanted was a crocheted bookmark. There was more words regarding circumstances, including an offer to pay with money, which is not allowed within my certain circle of friends.
Money is expected from the boorish woman who saunters into the back room of the Activity Center every now and then, more or less putting in a purchase order for her next gift-giving occasion, but we haven’t seen her in awhile. More telling is that no one has asked, nor offered, information about her.

Back to the subject of bookmarks, I crocheted some

Bookmarks first week of July-- all crocheted on the front porch on lovely summer mornings

Soon as I get done here, I’ll be folding those little beauties into envelopes, getting ready to mail while the post office is open on Saturday. One is going to the gal who made the request, one for sympathy, others… well, they’ll learn why.

You might notice that I haven’t mentioned the ironing, which is being procrastinated on a humid afternoon. The idea of using a steamy appliance right now is not at all appealing to me– I would much rather do a little typing while sipping my homemade latte.

Also fresh off the hook is a baby blankie, just finished the white border this morning

Granny Squares Blankie for Bill's grandbaby

Tried 3 different yarns and patterns before deciding on Bernat Cottontots and my 4.0mm Etimo crochet hook.

Oh, if that project had words… come to think of it, words are inadequate to describe supplies and effort. In fact, looking at the photo, I still want to reach over and switch a couple of the squares to a different place, all the better to be eye-catching or balanced, but there was limited amounts of certain colors, I bartered for a skein, and I did spend more than I first intended. First time in quite awhile that I bought yarn AT FULL PRICE, but the border needed to be white, and I didn’t have any.

The cotton granny squares blankie is crocheted for the baby on its way to a fella I haven’t seen since he was a baby himself.
Actually, I’ve known my friend Bill since church camp days, he was a groomsman in our wedding, so soon as I heard the news that his son and wife are expecting, seeing Bill will become a Pappy in early August, I began scheming hook and yarn gift.
Very glad it turned out okay to me, the new parents will have final say for its uses.

Did I mention the ironing? the board is set up, the clothes in a pile waiting.
Normally, I put some tunes on the stereo and wade right in. Today, not so much. Doesn’t seem like a Friday thing to be doing. Time was, the ironing got done Sunday afternoon, getting Husband’s work shirts all done for the work week ahead. Often, the rhythm of working out the wrinkles is good for me.

Maybe I’m into the mid-Summer blahs. Or the letdown of having completed a crochet project, not knowing what to begin next. The Fall Fest at the nursing home always needs crafts, so I will dig through the hobby room to come up with something.

A friend stopped by to pick up some rug yarn I had mentioned. I brought it home from the Activity Center– we needed the space in the storeroom. I’ve crocheted a half dozen tote bags, but yarn donations keep coming, and my friend is getting adept with her crochet hook. She’s planning a tote bag. I have an ancient pattern book for rug yarn toys, but no modern person would use the final item.

Well, anyway. the Ironing Board is in the way of packing envelopes, so one task at a time. It’s time I left the seat awhile, my backside ain’t getting any smaller.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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