the Lovely month of June

By Popular Request, a new writing for the blog is needed

In case you are wondering what I’ve been up to (and it does seem as if concern about non-updates is rampant) then I should show proof that I have been otherwise occupied.

About a month ago, we bought a new king-size bed. I signed papers declaring I have to give somebody else a money payment every month for the next 2 years. First thing we have scheduled in awhile, but our savings account is earmarked towards the roof which needs replaced in the worst way.

In order for that bed to be delivered, our old queen-size bed would get moved across the hall for son to use, and the old twin bed would be set in the littlest bedroom, so there had to be a whole lotta rearranging done.
Husband and son Chris did a bunch of the hauling around while I was at my last day at school working as a TA Sub. They said it was quieter thataway. Both had aches and sneezes for days afterward.

Oldest Son’s former room has become my Hobby Haven. Stuff jumbled on shelves, and in bins, and hanging in bags on hooks along the wall. Actually, it doesn’t look much better these days, except there is a bed in there holding up some of the stuff, with a corner open and comfy blankie for Scratchy the cat to be able to sit and look out the window.

In the course of stirring up dust, I had to empty out the plastic bin which holds the wrappers from various yarn goodies. Cannot tell ya the last time I could see the bottom of the plastic, but it’s been awhile

yarn label bin-- about 6 months worth May 2011

aahh, the memories this brings back--my hands were busy!

Evidence that yarn is used for worthy causes. Paper bin recycle got filled

So the bed was delivered, then I went on a trip to my hometown for a high school reunion, and to visit relatives. Too few of the folks I would love to be with again, but driving alone across 2 states, I did enough.

When I returned to our little house on the prairie, we realized that getting settled in, and making open spaces, is going to take quite awhile. Boxes in places I don’t want them to be, but there seems to be nowhere else for them to go. Must get over being sentimental so much.
Son Chris lives here again, and there are adjustments on so many levels.

Even though I just finished my fifth year, all new paperwork for my Teaching Assistant Substitute job had to be turned in, including a current Physical, TB test, DPT booster shot (which my arm still has an ache) and Contact person in case of emergency.
And a first for my connection with the school system: my own e-mail address! Yay! So much easier than phone machine messages.

Meanwhile, I am crocheting like a fiend to keep up with social events.
Graduation parties, we have already been to one wedding, with another this weekend. And a couple bookmarks for Sympathy cards. I don’t remember to take a picture of everything I make of yarn, but this is from the most recent week.

wedding bag, graduation, sympathy bookmarks Third Week June 2011

On my hook today is potholders in red and black, due for a reception happening on Sunday afternoon.

I had to get printed photos for relatives who do not do the computer, then used up much of Monday with writing labels and addressing envelopes, and getting information from the Post Office about postage rates. 84¢ times 10 packages, add 7 more cards with notes, and then needing to hand to a real clerk the “lumpy” envelopes so they know I’m a trustworthy person and the knot inside is not a bomb threat. Sometimes I make a reason to go to the post office, just to see the nice people there.

Husband and I are taking a Community Education Cartoon Drawing class at Heartland College. We are liking it alot, with him doing much more practice than I am.
It seems I am carrying on my habit of going to hook and yarn when the creative urge strikes, rather than picking up a pencil and sketchbook. But I’m learning so much, taking notes, and we really like the guy Instructor. Maybe sometime in future, what I learn now will come in handy. A picture is worth so many words, et al…

Looking at my Planner book, and realize that Summer is one third over. Two months from the date of the solstice starts the new school year.
It is not good for morale to be doing a daily countdown, especially when so many blocks on newer pages have something written as an upcoming and fun event.

Anyway, it is almost my turn in the shower, so I gotta git.

This afternoon is Needlework Group, with some of my best buddys.
Hope your Summer is fine.
Ain’t warm weather better than shoveling snow?

~~love and Huggs, Diane

ps my Decrepit Old Fool has a bit of his own nostalgia

notebooks — yarn wrappers—

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