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Awhile back, I had a day’s TA Sub position as a Job Coach for a student at the high school.
The bus dropped us off in front of a junior high school, where he works in the kitchen.
His assignment was to Mix Trail Mix, which meant pouring bags of circle cereal, chocolate chips, and a bunch of other ingredients into an enormous bowl and stir well. He seemed to have a difficult time understanding why he had to do this. His cognitive ability did not want the food to be all mixed up. At long last, we were able to put a cover and label on the food, and he moved on to the next task.

The next day, I was at a Pre-K room in different building. When it came time for snack, I went to the kitchen to fetch it, along with cartons of milk. There was Trail Mix divided into containers with the teachers’ names on them. I had a nice little giggle, for knowing where it came from.

Back in the Pre-K classroom, I used a measuring scoop to divide the Trail Mix into serving sizes for the little students. When permission was given to eat, one girl carefully separated the ingredients into piles all in a row. Then she proceeded to eat all the chocolate chips, then all the raisins, and on down the row. She did not taste any one item until all the piles were apart and the types not touching each other.

If I were not a TA Sub roving around the many school buildings, I would not have had any connecting points with Trail Mix. I might not have known that kids of different ages want their food to stay as it is. Even if I have been known to do the same separation thing myself.

I have decided that I like the moving and learning the different parts of the job. Being the last couple weeks in the same position/building is beginning to get on my nerves, just a teeny bit. We have made great progress, I have done what was asked of me, and I like the Team. Growing restless is a personal quirk, for sure.

However, Friday is the last day before Spring Break, and I have not been asked to return to that position afterwards. Not sure it would even become permanent, there are no funds to hire a TA full-time.

Other tidbits:
When walking to the building, it is very nice to be able to cross the street easily because a police car is sitting near the flashing sign for School Zone. Drivers actually slow down, and put their phones out of sight. May the black-n-white be there more often. Amen.

Chili for lunch is a good day to be at that particular junior high. Very good cooks.

Seventh Hour rest room break — check stall for potty paper before fully entering. Two had none by that time of day.

Be willing to donate 2 sharpened wooden pencils for students who forgot to carry one into the room. Some teachers refuse to allow returning to locker for items, even if the student has a known trait of forgetfulness. Which means I didn’t get my pencils returned.

Once reputation is known as “being willing and able to run the copy machine” then papers with post-it directions will appear like magic, even from other teams

Crocheting while on break under the skylight at the end of the hall will get many requests for gifts, and queries about lessons.

When walking home, the pedestrian signal to cross Gregory Street will not be heeded by a driver of a red pick-up truck, who did not have on the turn signal, was talking on a cell phone, and still managed to honk the horn while turning right without stopping on Red. Good thing there is an island between lanes for me to halt, or my toes might have been crushed.
Husband is getting through a book about Traffic. He often reads the juicy parts to me while we are eating supper. True, so True, every word I’ve heard, and experienced.

This evening’s tv schedule has nothing I want to watch.
I suppose I should make a list of things to do tomorrow, but it seems I’ve done already enough thinking, and writing, and hook holding today.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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