A quick stopping in, real life is Bizzy

This evening, I parked my butt on the couch to meet the challenge of watching the tv show GLEE!
Actually, I should call it self-defense, I will need to know what all the giggling and squeals are about in tomorrow’s Sixth Grade Current Events session of Social Studies class. There are some really good looking people doing all that singing and dancing on the other side of the glass screen.
Back in my day, I wasn’t glad to be a Sixth Grade girl, and I have observed that knobby elbows, training bra, boys teasing, and multiplication of fractions has not gotten any easier for the latest generation. Yet I find my chair surrounded during tutoring, rather than raising a hand with a question. I must radiate “safe lady” rays or something.

My being a Teaching Assistant over the last few days has helped the students settle into a new routine for the last quarter of the school year, 2 new students in, and 1 transferred out of the group.
I’m not sure where the money for my wages is coming from, but the Resource Teacher is quite grateful for my help, yet it’s only until Spring Break happens next week.

The last few days have been a whirlwind of events surrounding my TA Sub job at the junior high school (which includes walking there and home again); getting ready for the Relief Sale; some birthday greetings to mail off. Add in a request for a bunch of us to get together to give the church kitchen a major Spring cleaning, and I can hardly hear myself think.
The kitchen gig was put off a few weeks, thank goodness. We are going to mess it up all over again on Saturday-Sunday, with a Relief Sale Appreciation Lunch to cook and serve. I will have to check my notes to see when preps are happening, and what dessert I should bring.

Husband’s car goes into the shop in a couple days, just to check it over for safety reasons. He’s on the lookout for a pickup truck. the phrase “midlife desire” comes to mind

Oscar was outside for a long hour after dark this evening. I’m thinking there might be some new baby bunnys in a nest over in the corner of the yard where he has taken a great interest.

Today, the Ides of March 2011, would have been my father-in-law’s 86th birthday. My mind’s eye keeps bringing up mental pictures of him at the stove watching a pan of boiling water for helping me get tomatoes into jars, sawing a board to fit the baby gate at the top of the stairs, running a hand over Joey’s red hair.

When son Lucas was home a few weeks ago, he gave me a sidelong look that was so much like his grandpa that I thought my heart pounding would break a rib. Genes are evident.

Oh dear, look at the time! To bed I must be going, for the alarm clock noises before sunrise.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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