the Repeats of the Morning

Husband said that I needed to get out of the house, to not worry so much about our girl kittycat, who is doing much better.
I decided to take a job for Friday morning only, at an elementary school.  I thought it was for Kindergarten, but it seems the TA had moved on with the class, and is now an Aide in First Grade.  Which is still fine, cuz I remember most of the students, and they sure do remember me! Quite flattering, actually.

This week the lessons have centered on the birthday of children’s books author Dr. Seuss.  On the side table is a pile of Seuss books.  The teacher explained that awhile back, she was visiting a local public library and those titles had been updated to newer editions, and that heap was next to the dumpster!
Lovely wunnerfully nice books, with strong library bindings, abandoned and alone.

So of course, being an elementary school teacher who knows that any opportunity to open a child’s mind should never be passed over, she tossed 27 Dr. Seuss books into her car, and allows her First Graders to have free reading time.

The morning would be devoted to Learning Centers, which is an educational concept coming into vogue towards the end of my employment at the daycare center.  Every 15 minutes, the students change places and lessons to be learned. And we wonder why a long attention span is hard to see in older students.

My task would be to read aloud a book.  I got to choose which one of the Dr. Seuss books I wanted to read for 5 different groups.  I found I Had Trouble in Getting to Solla Sollew close to the middle.  The teacher seemed pleased, and said one of the students would be quite happy to finally hear a grown-up read it because he has chosen it on his own to look at every day this week.

It’s one I did not know about before, but after reading it 5 times in one morning, I can say YES, it is one of his best.
I looked up that edition/ used condition online, and see that current price is $27.95, although there is a newer version, with glossy pages and a little more pink in the ink.
The customer reviews are glowing, especially from college students who have been assigned reading in class.

Then I went with the class to help supervise PE, getting a drink of water, then they went to music class down in the basement.  I was free to leave at almost lunch time.
I stopped at McDs on the way home for a burger. Bringing it home and inside, the smell woke up the cats, who are 2 of the biggest moochers around.  I gave away almost 1/3 of the meat before I got a bite my own self 🙂

Yeah, I got out of the house in a good way, the cats seem to be fine, if sleeping on aphgans next to sunny windows is any indication.
Still, I’m glad today is Friday, a free weekend.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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