Bought a new iron and ironing board

A few years ago when Husband was wearing a different brand of button-down work shirts, I searched all over the place for an iron which had a flat surface aka a DRY iron so that ironing did not leave marks on the fabric.  Bought one online, using only a picture and short description.  It works fine, and will have use in the future.

Those other shirts were made of good quality materials, and did not need steam to unwrinkle nicely.
He wore them out, literally.  Frayed cuffs, buttons hanging loose.  I did my best mending to keep them going, and he searched all over the place for updates. The company had discontinued that style.

Finally, he bought several shirts at a big box store. These are okay, but they really need steam to keep them looking nice for the job behind a desk.

Before Christmas, I went looking for an iron. I was not satisfied with any I saw in stores where I usually shop, so I went hunting by online descriptions.  For some items, I would prefer to have and to hold what I want, just to make sure it’s worth my hard-earned money.
Then I worked with a group from church who gathered for an evening to be sewing tote bags for the Relief Sale.

There was an iron there like no other I have ever seen! and its owner raves about using it for all her sewing and quilting projects.

Today, I finally went out and bought a new steam iron. At a store which I enter only when online tells me it is the only store in the county which has what I want.

ROWENTA Focus, which is sold at Amazon, but I didn’t do a link because let me tell ya, the advertisements finding my Inbox are too many already  It is made in Germany, with a warranty.

I think I will like it.  It took some long looking to just get it out of the box, and then I started reading the directions.  Twice in different paragraphs, it says to use Spring Water, Never 100% distilled water, to make the steam.  This is a complete turnaround from what I learned in high school Home Ec class.

While I was at it, I bought a new ironing board.  The wobbly one which I’ve been using was bought at a Yard Sale when we lived in Tennessee, but we’ve lived almost 27 years in this house on the prairie, so I’d say that a new ironing board is fine.

Where I stopped shopping was a padded cover.
I’ll use the one that came with it awhile.

Some folks might think I’m nuts for spending $100 on a Saturday afternoon because I am a woman old-fashioned enough to iron clothes. Especially when my new dryer has a buzzer to tell me to take clothes out as soon as the cycle ends.

Different activities considered important.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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