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Time Has Passed

Sunday evening and I’m wondering “How did the weekend pass so fast?” It doesn’t seem as if I kept so very busy Helping to shovel out from under 3” of snow Time with Husband, who seems a bit more relaxed … Continue reading

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One Hour of my Day

Today’s TA Sub job meant duty as a Supervisor over Noon hour.  That particular school does not hire anybody extra to help the way some others do.  It just expects the TAs to work awhile away from the classroom. I … Continue reading

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Bookmarks and Baby Hats

my most recent craft pile got started for the Mennonite Relief Sale, but several other events have come up, such as need for sympathy card tuck-ins, and a birthday. I noticed last year that knit hats don’t sell very well … Continue reading

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It’s Here!  the new dryer doing fine

Life tends to just happen with me.  I’m not a real adventurous person, but when something lands in my lap, I deal with it as best I can.  And I am married to a sweet guy who puts up with … Continue reading

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Necessary Appliance

our dryer died Saturday evening Sunday afternoon, went shopping new dryer arriving Monday morning the United States of America A Great Place to Live 🙂

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