While I’m Gone, You Look Over There

Writing is not the first thing I want to do with my time, which is probably why I have not been here at the blog in a whole week.

For one thing, 5 days was a time of taking painkiller tablets after a root canal.  Both dentists say to give the tooth more time to settle down, and repairs to the crown will help as well.  Too bad that part doesn’t come until Aug 11.  However, I am beginning to believe them, because yesterday (Monday), I was able to chew roast beef cut into tiny tidbits for supper, then have ice cream in the evening at Concert on the Quad, and went to bed without any medicine at all.

the Lucas aphgan has single crochet stitches all the way around as the first row of the border, with double crochet stitches as the second row going onward.  Next time I pick it up, I will be ready to turn the first corner again.

Meanwhile, Tell Me A Story is begun by Elizabeth H who does quite well with writing but does not have a club near to her house.

Since I am not doing much here these days, maybe you might like to visit/comment there.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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