Catching Up a few days in summer

What’s happening lately:
All the paperwork has been turned in to say I will be a Teacher’s Assistant Substitute again, for the upcoming 2009-2010 school year.  I asked if I need Continuing Education hours, the response is No, not to Sub.  I did enclose a photocopy of my CPR renewal class.

Saturday was a wedding at church, with the seating tables and food service tables arranged in a way I have never seen before in all the 25 years I’ve been at services inside that building.  Goes to show it’s not the place, it’s the people.

Sunday was a luncheon and program honoring a retired couple who are moving to a state out East, to be closer to many of their relatives.  We of the church family are gonna miss ‘em bunches.

Monday morning I got a root canal on a tooth, upper left second from back.  That one has been a leetle ache since last summer, then a beeg ache through Thanksgiving and most of Christmas break.
When I finally got the new permanent crown the last week of December, I thought the dang thang would settle down, but still, I wake up with my knuckle pressed against my cheek just outside that tooth.
It seemed odd to have a different dental person working on my mouth, but he came highly recommended from the dentist I’ve been going to for 21 years.
Perhaps I should not be typing after taking a prescription ibuprophen.

Monday evening was the Concert on the Quad, with a nice Samba trio.  I carried a folding chair and my Yarn bag down the street, found an open spot to sit near the lamp, then bought a dish of ice cream, whose profits go to music scholarships.  Ice cream during the evening after a root canal is a leetle mistake.
While listening, I peg loom knitted a bright stripes baby hat.  The gal sitting next to me gave it a thumbs up, seemed quite fascinated with the tools I used.

On the walk home, I bumped into a former neighbor heading towards her car, so we stood on the corner for a half hour catching up on the deeds of our children, our current jobs situations, medical ailments after age 50.
This overweight body, with these knees and tendon problems, well, standing on concrete for a half hour should not soon be done again.

so here it is, Tuesday with a few chores around the house done by 9am already.  Then I put in a videotape from the cabinet, made myself all comfy on the couch, with the granny squares aphgan on my lap.
I crocheted the last seam, the LAST SEAM!!! stopped the tape, ate some ramen noodles for lunch, hung the bathmats on the clothesline outside, then got all comfy on the couch again, started the tape, and crocheted 18” of the first row of the border.

Youngest Son Chris has returned from his trip to DC, yet has not returned my camera to me.  I’ll probably have the aphgan done by the time I have the means to get documentation.

Husband has put a notice on his blog that he will not post very soon….hhmmm, he has been studying a very detailed book about a computer program.  It looks like his job has moved to top time-consumer for awhile.

As mentioned, lingering toothache, but am told this is to be expected, and a new pill can be taken in 9 minutes.  Supposed to call the doc on Wednesday about bothers or progress.

Hope you and yours are doing fine on a summer’s day.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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