When I’m hungry, I eat

Many folks have offered to bring a meal or to do whatever else is needed during a time of crisis.

I mention that Geo is on a Nothing diet, but I’ll let ‘em know.

Apparently, some of the meal plans include me.

Well, I’ll tell ya about my day.

6am, Mahalia is playing with my hair telling me to get out of bed.

After feeding them, and taking my thyroid pill, I make a pot of Red Rose tea, then come to the computer to have a looksee.

My breakfast around 8am is a bowl of cheerios cereal, 2 fig newtons, and a homemade peach/yogurt smoothie
my 14 ounce For Better or For Worse mug full of tea gets sipped while we (the cats and me) are sitting on the back steps watching the morning open up

Then I shower and get ready to go to the hospital.
I remembered to carry a bottle of water today.

Around 2pm, I remember that I am supposed to eat lunch.
Husband is resting nicely after our walk in the hall.

I go down to the cafe in the atrium of the hospital and order a ham and swiss panini sandwich, and grab a bottle of cola from the cooler.  After paying, I discover courtesy cups of ice water on the far ledge, so I don’t bother to open the pop.

the sandwich is put in front of me, it looks fine, and tastes fine
while I watch folks go through the rotating door
and Valets bring up or take away vehicles
(why would anybody want a job driving other people’s cars?)

when I’m done eating, I go to the restroom
get on the elevator because I have not yet found the stairs to climb and be getting some exercise

in Husband’s room, Chris is sitting in a chair watching his dad sleep
so I say Hello, and of course, this wakes the old guy
so I get admonished by the kid about somebody sick needs rest

At 4pm, I come home to be able to watch JEOPARDY! in peace
to let the cats out so I don’t have to clean the litter box

the bottle of pop is resting on the counter

a little after 5pm, I go back to the hospital, where Husband tells me he had another walk in the hall and an arm tube got loosened so the evening nurse worked to set things right again

at 6:30pm, he is snoring and looking so much better without a tube in his nose
so I leave at a quarter to 7 to come home and watch NCIS

in the fridge are some chicken tenders bought last Thursday, and today is the due date

after my show, I turn on the oven and prep the chicken

at 9pm, I ate four pieces with a little ranch dressing, and put the rest in the fridge for another time

In times like this, I tend to eat when I am hungry
Eating on a schedule happens when I am on a job

so having folks do a meal for me would take more planning than I can do right now
I would have to meet somewhere at a certain time

this will work for about a week, which is all the longer I had to do so before, when Geo was passing a kidney stone

except then, there were 3 sons at home, and kids do like a better schedule

I do feel less pressure now, with only the cats to bother me

I guess I’m okay, coming and going as I choose

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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