Some Things are Just Fine

Over at Decrepit Old Fool, his birthday post there is a long list of comments about what’s happening with us.

When I called my mom to tell her, she said that Mother’s Day should be more happy than what we’re going through.

Although, I did get a gift from our youngest son Christopher.

George would not let me bother Chris in the middle of the night, not even because of a trip to the ER.
he said the boy needs his rest, nothing to worry on

My guess is, he doesn’t want the kid to think his dad is a mere mortal

When Husband went into surgery, I went as directed out into the waiting area.  It is rather large, holding over 50 seats, and looking out over the escalators.

At 5:00 on a Sunday morning, I was the only person waiting.  And George was unconscious and no longer had any say-so in what should be done.

It was then that I used the phone to get Chris.
He is the youngest, the son who stayed living at home the longest, the kid still in town coming by for laundry and to raid the fridge.

And that room is really big.

Not even 15 minutes later, I glanced up from my crochet hook and saw a shadow pass the corner of the hallway.

there he was, tall and and strong
T.H.E.R.E. because his mom had called

He and I have been through some times together.

when the neighbor’s cat got hit by a car,
he gave them the report

taking Finals at the community college the same week

a trip to Grandma’s in Ohio when he was 12,
and another when he was 21
2 people in a car with a broken cd player, for TEN hours

my son opened wide his arms. . . and I ran into them

and that was when I stopped holding back the tears
while he held me close
and his own fell silently down his cheeks dripping onto the top of my head

When I left the hospital this evening, Chris was asking if his dad wanted more ice chips while they were waiting on a Tech to come help with the walking.

Gifts come in many forms.

My Mother’s Days have turned out a-okay.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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