Riding might help

This past week was Teacher Appreciation for the district, so each of the schools where I was a TA Sub had lots of freebie goodies in the Break Room.  Although I did buy my favorite school lunch on Friday, I also had a little salad and a brownie from the potluck table.

My innards are not happy with my choices.
I’ve had rumblings in the lower abdomen for hours.

At the university, this was Finals week, and today was graduation.  Husband says there were platters of delectable morsels laid out in all corners.  His innards are also protesting indulgences.

We thought that powering bicycles to an Open House would move along the proceedings.  What a nice ride along the Constitution Trail on a Saturday afternoon.  And I came home with a properly fitted helmet!

Awhile after we got home, Husband was resting, and I was hopscotching my favorite blogs over here, when in comes son Chris in his biking clothes.  He wanted to know if either of us wanted to ride the trail.

Although I love being in the company of my sons, I had to say No, neither of us oldsters was feeling well enough to pedal some more miles.

I hope we are both feeling better tomorrow, cuz we want to drive an hour across the prairie to fetch son Lucas and go see a movie. (and Chris is coming too)
I wonder if Mother’s Day would be too much of a crowd in a theater.

Anyway, we gots plans, and we wanna keep ‘em.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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