Lab Results are Fine

Awhile back, I wrote about the spot on the tip of my nose and my trips to our health clinic.

At that time, the doctor said the results from the lab would come in ‘early next week’, so on Monday when I got home from work, I dashed to the phone’s answering machine, and also checked the mails.
Tuesday, same thing, so I called the office and got the gal at the front desk who said the doctor was already gone for the day and the nurse was quite busy.  She did what she is allowed, which was to say her computer said my lab results were in the mail, since Friday.

I took this to be a good sign, the report came back as routine, rather than emergency.

Finally, Wednesday, an envelope in the paper mailbox when I got home from work and grocery shopping.

The doctor’s handwriting is not something a 5th grade teacher would give a high mark for, but I could make out the lettering saying:

Biopsy Benign OK findings suggest this was rosacea lesion

which is a relief (no carcinoma), but there is
nothing more about cause, prevention, follow-up treatments

nor what to do about the biopsy hole with its loose scab which remains on my nose and the band-aids are beginning to itch

Soo, I guess I will have to use a search engine on the handy-dandy interwebs

I grow tired of paying medical office co-payments

Thank You, my Dear Ones for your loving support
shown as messages, comments, and prayers

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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