Blankie Gone Today

A former co-worker and I have kept in touch these last few years.  We both still have jobs in education, albeit very different than the place where we met.

A couple years ago, I was Thrilled when she sent the link to her wedding photos (a beautiful bride, of course), and then a few months back, I became Ecstatic when she sent the sonogram picture of her baby G.I.R.L. which I am told the doctor says could be born any time soon.

This afternoon, I mailed off the crocheted blankie.

body is double crochet stitch with 2.75mm steel hook and Aunt Lydia’s bedspread cotton color Oasis
stripes and border color Linen

Although the color pink is usually for a girl, I had already crocheted many rows before that sonogram came by e-mail, plus everybody who has seen this aphgan in real life says it should be fine.

It was kinda neat how I did the mailing.  I had packed the box yesterday afternoon, put it into the car this morning, with the plan to mail it after the TA Sub job today.

I was in a small town, the school on the farthest west edge of the district.

As I was standing by the door during Bus Lane duty, I mentioned to a co-worker that I had to mail a package on the way home, and dreaded the construction all around the Normal Post Office, so I hoped the line would not be too long, since I had to get home to see OPRAH.  Ya see, my blog buddy Karen from Chookooloonks (in my sidebar) was on the show today.

A boy about 4th Grade age was nearby and spoke up that the post office is just down the street next door to the library, and it is real easy to get to.

The other adult was just about to say something about him listening to us, she did not look happy at all, but I ignored the expression on her face, turned to him, and asked more about the local post office location.

He was all happy that I was listening, and then asked about who it is would be on Oprah.
When I told him that the talk would be about mothers, he lost interest pretty quick, being a young boy and all.
But I thanked him for the directions.

The post office was right there on the main street.
The clerk was working a suduku (sp?) puzzle, so definitely not a crowd of people.
I was in and out in less than five minutes, then was able to drive right on home, getting inside with a few minutes left to check the mails and put the kettle on for some hot chocolate.

Well, anyway, I’ve been working away with yarn in my hands, not typing too much.

Will send more news when I have something else to say.

~~love and Huggs, Diane
ps the red and gray stripe, all cotton sweater I am wearing
was purchased at the thrift store for 66¢ = cheap comfort

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