about the “Pattern” page

About the pattern sheet for son’s aphgan
(see Pammie’s comment #5 of previous post)

I took the first cone of yarn with me to my Yarn Group
and tried 6 crochet hooks of different sizes and handles
looking at how even and tightness of stitches done
and finally settled on the Addi 4.5 mm making the proper size granny square
and comfortable enough to use it steadily for a couple months

after we measured the size, I pulled out the sheet of paper in the bottom of my bag, which happened to be the computer printout receipt for some of the cones of yarn

then did the ciphering you see

I figure I will sew together 9, then crochet those together
just to give a little texture

I put the dots in the middle square, thinking I might get some tan yarn for a center highlight,
but Husband nixed the first square I made,
saying the Northwoods color works good alone

I have two cones ended, meaning 48 squares of 180 need

but I’m taking time off this evening to crochet a bookmark to put into a sympathy card

And N C I S begins in less than 30 minutes,
so I better get this out to you

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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