Making Do with bigger Thread

Before bed last night, I checked SubFinder
to see the No Jobs Available message

This morning, only one job up, at a junior high, which if absolutely necessary, the kid could get along without an aide, which is the goal being set for next year when he is promoted to the high school anyway.
But after yesterday, I think it might be awhile before I’m ready for another dose of supervising an adolescent with autism.

So I have the day open.
A friend calls time like this A Mental Health Day.

The sun is shining through the window, bright light needed for working on a crocheted bookmark.

Twenty nine years ago, a friend sent an Easter card with a crocheted cross bookmark enclosed.  I still have it, of course, tucked into a Bible so full of mementos that I cannot use it for studying now.  When I need to look up a verse, I read it from a Bible I bought at an estate sale.

Upon receiving the crocheted cross, I promptly replied with a big Thank You! plus a request for the pattern.  Photocopying machines were still new back then,
but soon enough a page came, with front and back covered with instructions for six crocheted bookmarks and one Star of David.

I pulled out that pattern page this morning.
I chose a proper size hook and a lovely shade of blue thread to crochet a cross.  I settled into a comfy chair next to the south window, just as the rising sun was peeking over the neighbor’s garage.

As I was getting to row 3, I noticed a mistake in row 1, which could not be adjusted.  Letting go of my work to pull out stitches, I realized how much my hands were cramped.

It has been almost 11 years since the carpal tunnel surgery on my hands, but the symptoms are coming on again.  I thought I could crochet a tiny cross again.

It has been so long, maybe take it slow and easy, rest often.

Such a lovely item would be worth all my effort and determination.

No. . .  I put away the size 12 hook and size 30 thread.

My disappointment right now is too heavy for words.

Age and ailments. . . my thoughts are wistful.

After going downstairs to empty the container for the dehumidifier, I decided to just crochet a granny squares bookmark using a size 8 hook and size 10 bedspread cotton.
The bigger sizes and straight edges of the pattern are much easier for my hands to cooperate.

These are going to the Illinois Mennonite Relief Sale in a couple weeks.  Maybe by then, I will have added to the pile.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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