School = Zero for inclement weather

A recent e-mail brought in a picture of cuteness.
my peg loom knitted doll hats apparently were enthusiastically received for Christmas

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We have 5 inches of snow on the ground, with flurries still happening.  The wind is picking up, blowing snow across the sidewalk where a neighbor has already cleared with a snowblower.  I’ve never asked him to work on ours, since my doctor says I need more exercise, but I can tell he wasted fuel for his effort.  The snow ain’t over yet.

Schools all over the county are closed. Yippee  🙂

I had been on schedule today for a Pre-K class in a building at the farthest southside edge of the district.

When I got up to use the bathroom at 3:00 in the morning, I looked out at blowing snow and prayed that the school board would be reasonable.

Monday I was at a junior high, an announcement came 50 minutes after First Bell saying that a certain bus number had just arrived.
When a boy came into the room, he said he had waited in 11o temp, standing at his stop an extra 25 minutes, afraid to walk two blocks back home and get warm since he might miss the bus.  A girl told us she waited 28 minutes.  Her jeans were wet from snow up the back of her leg to the crook of her knee, outside of her boots.

Yesterday, at a junior high, my Sub notes said I had morning Bus Lane duty.  Even though there were floor mats just inside the doors, the amount of slush and wet got overwhelming further on in the hallway.

One girl slipped straight down, and I thought she bumped her head.  I instructed her friend to take her to the nurse’s office and watch for signs of concussion.  A boy wearing athletic shoes slipped, grabbing out onto another student’s backpack.  They both did a little dance to remain upright.

I called for the custodian on the walkie-talkie, but he was busy unloading a delivery truck for the cafeteria, so the Assistant Principal came down to use a mop and set out Wet Floor signs.  He was wearing regular shoes, and slipped a bit himself.

I can tell ya, it made me grateful for my new P.W. Minor shoe boots with the non-skid soles.
  I bought ‘em with the idea that I often do Job Coach with high school Work/Study students, so climbing on and off the schoolbus and being places which require close-toe shoes means I cannot be changing footwear for fashion statements.

They made themselves worth it so much that I might turn in the receipt to our accountant for tax returns.

Today seems like a good time to curl up and read a book.  I’ve been trying to get interested in one ever since the Amazon box landed on the porch, so today I gotta do it!

Reading a novel will distract my brain from thinking about son Lucas who is on airplanes and shuttle bus for most of today.  He says he will arrive late-late and I should be in bed by then, so expect him whenever he walks in the door.

As if this mother ever stops concern for her children….

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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