Request overturns Resolution

Fifteen days.  That’s how long it lasted.

My New Year Resolution had to open a crack.

Ya see,
my Yarn Group was cancelled due to inclement weather.
Thursday afternoon, I usually go overboard with yarn stuff.

And I really wanted to find a certain color of yarn I just know I have somewhere in the messy hobby closet which did NOT get organized over Christmas Break.

So I decided to tackle it.  baskets boxes bags and bins

Oh. My.  but I did find the pale yellow yarn I was seeking.

Lucas was leaning against the door-jam watching.

While I was seated on a stool in the midst heaps of yarn, he asked if I have any cotton yarn.
Actually, would I have enough cotton for an aphgan? for a wedding gift?

I showed him the 4-ply I use to crochet potholders.

He said it’s real soft.  His fiancee prefers the feel of cotton, and does not like acrylic so much.  And he likes to sleep with an aphgan (definitely MY kid).

I told him about my resolution to not buy any more yarn until some of the pile was gone.
An aphgan of cotton would have to be granny squares or wild stripes, what with all the skeins bought on Clearance.

Um, Natural colors would be best.  And Milly would want it to look nice.

Well, New Year Resolution be damned, my boy wants a crocheted aphgan.

We came over to the computer and checked on the Peaches-n-Creme website to look at all the yarns with green in the color.
  North Woods looked nice.  He sent a picture to Milly.  She likes the shades of green and brown, with a little blue.

So I had to order cones of yarn.

For my son.  and his bride-to-be.

Cuz they want an aphgan for the bed they are gonna share.

Fifteen Days.  My New Year Resolution opened a little.
Weather cancellations and son at home made me weak.

Now I’ll move around other yarn projects on my list.

Maybe it’s okay that school jobs won’t be calling.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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