A Tale of Three Hats

Here’s hoping you don’t mind reading more about the knitted hats I’ve made, cuz stories have come back to me.

Tale One:  The first hat I worked on the Toddler loom was pastels color of Lion Brand JIFFY, which is a bit fuller than 4-ply, and with some fuzz on it.  I gave it to the mailman for his almost 1-year-old daughter.
Next time I saw him, he said the baby girl looks really cute, and he knows it will be warm and comfy for her head.  His wife thought it was so sweet that a customer on the mail route gave a holiday gift.

Tale Two:  A few weeks ago during Fellowship Class at church, I had a bunch of doll hats spread out on a table.  A little girl, she’s either 5 or 6 years old now, came by and was quite admiring of all of them.
I asked what her favorite color is, her reply was red and blue.  I found a skein in my bin, an ombre of two shades blue, with a dark red—almost wine color running through.  Son Chris said it would be liked by anybody, especially a little girl, so I knitted a hat on the Youth loom.

Last Sunday I was in the Toddler nursery during morning service.  At the end, in walks the girl and sits down like she wants to be there.  I told her she is just the one I wanted to see, cuz I had a gift for her.
She looked up from her cookie and asked “Is it a Hat?” which means she has a fine memory.
When I answered yes, she said that her aunt was also making a hat.
Oh, well, then I don’t suppose you want this one, then?

Oh, Yes, she wants a new hat, so I went to my bag and brought it out.  Her eyes lit up, and she said it was beautiful!  When I asked about enough red, she shook her head and said it’s good, really good.
She put it on, it fit fine, off she went to show her mom.

Meanwhile, I found her aunt sitting in the Fellowship Area, knitting away on a red hat.
I’m glad to know that my influence of carrying around yarn projects in a tote bag is spreading.  She mentioned that it might be good for the kid to have a hat on the side, since she herself is not a fast knitter.

Tale Three:  Over the Summer, when my 1/2 inch space peg looms were still new, I knitted up a bunch of hats for charity.  Several of them found their way to help decorate a Christmas tree at the Meadows Mennonite Home.  It was in an alcove near the elevator, and I got to see it when I was in the building for the Auxiliary’s Holiday Tea.

Knowing that I had made many of the decorations for that tree, a friend told me that several relatives from out of town were visiting a resident of the Home.  One of the grandsons went over to the tree and picked up a tan and stripe hat and put it on his head and it fit very well, and he really liked it.  His mom and grandma went off to find somebody to ask if they could buy it, since the boy wanted it so much.  Well, since it was a grandson of a resident and all, there should be no charge, let the kid enjoy a hat that is one-of-a-kind.
The rest of the warm items on the tree were being given away for charity boxes anyway.

Now we know of 3 people who are enjoying hats I knitted.
I’ve lost count of how many more are out there. . .

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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