Same Ol’ Saturday Stuff

I’m not sure if anything going on is blog-worthy.
Yup, just the ordinary happenings of a couple empty nest folks.

We went out for breakfast and the waitress said she ‘almost’ put in our order before coming over to ask.  As it happens, we did request our usuals, regular coffee in both cups, and the #1 for me and #2 for DOF.  Although two weeks ago, I asked for a Gypsy skillet.

After breakfast, while on that side of town, we went to the shoe store.  Husband got a new pair of the same type of Rockports, while I had to order a proper size pair of shoe boots, suitable for snowy weather yet comfortable enough for climbing on and off the school bus when I work as a Job Coach for students on the Work/Study program.

Home again, where we whiled away the afternoon looking at computer screens and reading magazines when we took time for a snack.  Not much in the way of chores done today at all.

Husband remembered something he wanted from WallyWorld, and asked if I wanted to come with.  We must be a little bit crazy to go to the big box store on a Saturday evening during holiday shopping frenzy time.
Our cashier was pleasant through it all.

Since that store did not have a weekly planner of the type I like, we thought we might try the bookstore.  We haven’t been there in months.  I found a planner which might do when I’m desperate enough, but with still three weeks left of the year, I will keep looking.

We decided to make it a real date and get lattes and dessert, even though we hadn’t had supper yet.  Although we both were reading in the cafe, neither one of us bought anything.  I hear that other folks do the same thing, use the cafe as a sort of library for borrowed materials.
I carefully put the magazine back on the rack.

At home again, as we were unloading the car in the driveway, I heard another car start its engine out on the street.

Walking through the house, I could make out a shadow of a tall young man looking under the hood of a dark color car.  When I called out a name, he said he wasn’t him, but then I knew who he is….an old friend of youngest son Chris.  They played in a band together for awhile.
If we had been five minutes later getting home, we would have missed him!

We invited him in to catch up on his news, put on the tea kettle, and I fixed us grilled cheese sandwiches and steamed broccoli for supper.

After he left for his hour drive back, I called my sister Danna in Ohio.
She says she loves the purple and teal knitted hat,
and that our mom has quite an outbreak of shingles so she is on an anti-viral medication for a month.

Now, Husband is on the treadmill and I am about to do the dishes.

Yup, a most ordinary Saturday, for us anyway.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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