Holding Up thru Dentist and Visitation

Last I remember writing was about having a toothache.  Well, I got in at the dentist’s office at 9am Tuesday.  The gal at the front says they keep a room open for emergency situations, and I’m telling ya, mine was building up to one.  There is a $20 fee above and beyond the price of an office visit, quite reasonable.

The doc said the best thing to do was remove the gold crown installed in February 1994, and replace it with something a bit more modern and stable.  He could fix me up right there and then if I wanted.
Since I had decided to take the whole day off, we got right into it.  He actually rubbed his hands together.  I love a man who loves his job, especially if it means I’ll be getting better.

The paperwork got explained and I signed the form.  Our co-pay was $374, and I didn’t even glance at expected insurance payment.  I’m just glad I have a hard-working husband, and we live in a place where there is an intelligent dentist.

He says there was some decay under the crown, which he had to grind off.
Doncha H.A.T.E. the dental drill? the vibration? the smell?

A temporary crown has my mouth more content.
In a couple weeks, I go back for the permanent.

I’ll tell ya, I shoveled snow on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.  This is a great workout for an old broad trying to lose weight.
It was not so great for an old broad stretched out in a dentist’s chair for 43 minutes.  When I stood up, my hips, knees, ankles, and plantar fasciitis all protested loudly.
I had to pace the waiting room for a few minutes before going out into the cold and clearing off the car again.

I took a nap in that afternoon, and fixed macaroni and cheese (soft chewing) for supper.

Today, I worked the morning in a Pre-K room. Little kids 🙂
Had a short nap this afternoon, then got some mail ready.

Tonight, I’m home safe and sound despite freezing rain and dropping temperature.

After reading the obituary in the paper, I was at a memorial service for an old friend.
I learned they think he had a heart attack, died in his sleep.  Three years younger than me. Ya never know.

I was his oldest son’s childcare provider until he went to K-gdn, what seems like just yesterday.  He’s about a year younger than my youngest son, says he has a job he likes.

Sweetest thing is that the kid remembered me and my name as soon as I said Hello.  I had to give him a huge hug, and stood holding his hand awhile.

Then his mom came over and recognized me, even though we haven’t seen each other in 10 years.  She asked if I’m still crocheting.  I said there was a sample in the sympathy card.  I love being able to tuck a bookmark in an envelope this way.  Thank You Grandma and Lena for being so patient 44 years ago, when I was a young girl who wanted to make something pretty with hook and thread.

We caught up some news, and exchanged e-mail address.
She says she doesn’t want to “lose” me again.

Like I said, I’m home, and now Husband, too.
Time for a long winter’s nap.
as soon as I feed the cats, get the clothes out of the dryer before they wrinkle, load the dishwasher, take out the trash, put my cell phone on the charger….

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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