New Shoes for Treadmill walking

The other day while I was on the treadmill, I got a pain in the back of my left thigh, so bad that if I had not been alone in the house I would have thought somebody shot a BB at me leg.
It turned out to be a muscle cramp, knot the size of an acorn, which took what seemed like hours to walk and stretch and rub away.  Not to mention two large glasses of water intake.
It made me leery of doing any more walking for awhile.

This morning after breakfast, Husband and I were again at the shoe store.  We both need athletic shoes for walking the treadmill.  It’s a bit embarassing, the amount of money we spent for our feet, what with the Wide sizes and the particularness of what is comfortable.

Plus the clearance shelf produced a lovely pair of warm sheepskin slippers which come up around my ankles the way I like my slippers to be.  None of that style of having my heels hanging out in the cold while I sit reading the paper in the morning.

Ah well, we earn our money,
and we need good covering for our feet while we do.

I just walked what I like to call a 50 minute mile on the treadmill, and I must say that new name brand shoes in the proper size with good arch support make the exercise much more do-able than six year old shoes with a gap on the outside of the right one.
Didja see that number?  Yep, the number on the screen said .25 miles with 13 minutes walk time.  No way would I qualify for a competition.
I had to stop walking at 25 minutes, my left knee said long enough.  The incident lingers of me going down tangled up with my bicycle since the first Sunday in August.
Getting old ain’t for sissies.
Little troubles pile up over time.

Husband tells me that the treadmill will help keep infirmity from coming too soon.  He’s got much more willpower than I do.
He says his new shoes are also bringing a different perspective on walking.

It’s a gray clouds and blowy afternoon on the prairie.
I’m real glad I can stay indoors yet still be able to feel like I did something good for my body.  A treadmill and athletic shoes are a nice investment when I look at it just so.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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