I used my Fun Cash for Music

Usually when I get money for something I made with yarn, I turn around and get more yarn to keep the variety of my supply going.  Depending on my mood and project due date, I can go into the closet and choose something lovely.

However, the friendly donations of yarn have been plentiful this year.  I’ve got bags to go through yet, and organize on the shelf unit that Husband recently put up for me.

So, with a very nice windfall of payment for 8 pairs of potholders, and one blue hat, I decided should look over at something else I enjoy.

Yes indeedy, I just got done with an order for three music CDs from Amazon, all new, and high enough total to get the free shipping option.
Loreena McKennitt, Laura Sullivan, and Enya have holiday albums out now.

This means I will have five new cds, what with my Linda Eder and Kristin Chenoweth already here (I just looked at that list and realize they are all women)

Does this mean I might drive the guys crazy with the stereo while we are on Winter Break?  Well, maybe, but Grammie Pammie gave me an idea about using headphones and keeping my music to myself.

There will be some electronics department shopping going on, after school is out but before the big morning.

I know a guy who can be giving me advice about it, too.

Gotta go get ready for my Yarn Group.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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