Caffeine and the Calendar have overlapped too much

When I got home from a TA Sub job in a Pre-K room, I made a white chocolate latte in the blender, using a mix.
I just wanted something cool and yummy for my sore throat.

All during my walk down the street, I was asking myself “Why didn’t I remember how much talking goes on with 4 year olds?  How many years did I work at the daycare center, yet I forgot such a vital part of classroom watchfulness?”

So eager was I to have deliciousness happening before JEOPARDY! came on, and because the coffee is already part of the mix powder, my whole memory of what happens with me and caffeine at 4:30 in the afternoon just zoomed away.

So here I sit at 10 at night hopping from one blog to sidebar for next blog, reading some of the most crazy stuff.

I would like it better if my hands weren’t so tired and I could be knitting a hat on the peg loom, but one of my duties this morning was cutting out laminated letters for the October bulletin board.

Now I’m getting all morbid on myself.  Awhile ago I was playing a David Lanz cd, which I cannot do very often anymore.  David Lanz plays music of the kind my oldest son and I shared a love for, and ever since he moved away, well, the memories get difficult.

I wanted to put the music on, tho, as a sort of tribute to the biggest life-changing event I have ever gone through.  September 30, 1979 is the day I learned I was pregnant, at MSU health services.  I walked the campus for hours before I went back to my bed in the dorm.  My roomies were getting worried.

So tonight is an anniversary of sorts, for life’s lost possibilities due to foibles of youth. I’d had suspicions of my condition, but they had not yet been confirmed.
A great expense, having a baby before a Bachelor’s degree and a wedding.

Here is a YouTube for a nice ‘cover’ version of A Whiter Shade of Pale as arranged by David Lanz.

and since the clock’s hands are nearing midnight, I had better get to bed

Morning brings a TA Sub job at a junior high.
Never filled in for this person before, so I don’t know what I signed on for.
I’ll give it all I can, considering I’m still getting over a cold.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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