Monday Morning Music: Slipping Through My Fingers

The Decrepit Old Fool has a little regular series about Monday Morning Music so today I decided to join in.

A week or so ago, I went to see the movie MAMMA MIA! starring Meryl Streep.  Loved the movie, wrote all about it somewhere in the archives.

There’s a song/scene in there when Donna the mom is helping her daughter Sophie get dressed for her wedding.  The song Meryl is singing is _Slipping Through My Fingers_ which until that minute, I did not know was an ABBA original.
I had heard the tune butchered played solo on the piano on the “elevator music” radio station my sons never liked.

So I went looking through online ABBA albums until I found the one with this particular song on it.

My used in good condition CD arrived today.  I was down in the basement and didn’t even know the mailman’s truck was already on the Court.  He had to knock on the door, saying I had the most mail of anybody today.

The other songs on the ABBA album _The Visitors_ are typical 1980s fare, which I didn’t pay much attention to back then because I was busy changing diapers and walking the floor with teething babies.

It seems I am going to acquire a bit of education about historical music.

The cats both are not appreciating the stereo going full blast, so they each went down the hall to the queen size bed heaped with aphgans which muffle the noise.

Meanwhile, the Internet has brought forth a true treasure.

This leads to a You Tube video of a live performance of ABBA singing Slipping Through My Fingers and I must say I would love to have the figure to be able to wear those trousers.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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