Able to donate

Today was one fine day!
After a good breakfast of a grilled cheese sandwich and a homemade latte,
I finished an adult knit loom hat, began then finished one baby loom hat,
then remembered about a Blood Drive in a building across the parking lot from where my Yarn Group meets.

I thought about riding my bicycle, but wasn’t sure if I might get dizzy on the way home.  Plus, the humidity is way high.  So drive the car I did.

Yippee! my iron was 13.3, nicely higher than the 12.5 needed to be able to donate.  My blood pressure is also 10 points lower than when it was taken at the clinic when I was sick in early June.

Husband and I think my activity on the treadmill is beginning show pleasant side effects.

The afternoon found me on the back porch again.
I began and finished another baby loom hat, began another adult hat.

We had poached eggs and toast and juice for supper, then I drove out to get my new glasses adjusted.

The mall had very few customers, at least compared to a typical Saturday afternoon.

When I got back, there was still about an hour of daylight left, so I finished the adult hat.

As I am typing, I come to realize my fingers are sore.  One from getting pricked to test the blood, and the other from shoving yarn down on pegs of a knitting loom.

Probably tomorrow, I’ll have to do a different activity away from looms.
Yet, I’m kinda on a trend here, and I want to see what other color combinations I can put together.

Sometime, there will come pictures.

Gotta go.  Cat between me and screen.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

ps My Aunt Ruth loves the ADDI crochet hook and the cotton yarn!  I shipped the box Parcel Post, no signature Thursday afternoon, and she received it Monday afternoon.  Golly, the mail moves along well!

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