Just Saying Hello

For most people in the USA mid-West, the question “Hi, How are you?” is the usual greeting.

My husband’s response is usually “oh, ‘bout half” which throws them off enough (half of what?) so that more words aren’t needed.

One of the students I worked with in an autism class responds,  “I be fine”

Part of the lesson plan is to correct this, to use proper words of grammar, the passive verb of being


but most of us doing the tutoring don’t have the heart to hammer down with a lesson in speech, especially when the kid rarely talks any other time.

While I was in the Ohio Valley, the greeting came often.

and so I copied from a younger person and would answer

“I be Fine”  along with a wide grin

It worked most of the time, I hardly had to give anybody any information about me, and got bunches of news from people I haven’t seen in a long time.

When someone did manage to get me talking, I’d offer the address for my weblog, or to put them on my Dear Ones E-mail List.
Once something goes here, the whole world can see and visit the archives.

It amazed me how many folks are worried about the Internet, saying “they learn all kinds of information, and someday they’ll use it against you”.

That boat done floated, honeybunch, last time you cashed your Social Security check, or called your kid’s cell phone.

Well, anyway, my current situation is recovering from whatever germ decided to use my body for its homebase, and Day 6 of 10 in a skirmish with side effects of antibiotics.

I am ever so grateful that my wonderful handyman husband snaked out the drainpipes and cleaned the bathroom while I was out of town.
I’ve been making full use of the facilities since I’ve been home.

When I get to the “I be Fine” phase again, I’ll write some more.

That is, if I can put down my crochet hook long enough.
I’m working on a blankie for a cousin’s first grandbaby.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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