Having it Easy on a Sunday afternoon

My Sunday afternoon dvd movie was Raising Helen.

I loved it because John Corbett (pittypatty heartbeat) is one of the stars, Hector Elizondo is funny (golly I laughed so hard when his toupee blew away), and Kate Hudson is just as adorable as her own mother, Goldie Hawn.
The price was right, used once for $2.

aand, I worked a hat on the round knitting loom

Tomorrow, we’re going over to see what son Lucas has done with his place in the month since we helped him move his stuff.  We’re donating/ delivering our old vacuum cleaner because we bought one weighing less, meaning it is easier for these old hands to use.
Also going will be a recently refurbished bicycle, a nicely seasoned cast iron skillet, and an ice cream scoop.

Setting up a new apartment makes for recycled, easy gift-giving.

Happy Monday/ Labor Day/ end of Summer!

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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