Middle Son getting settled in

Yesterday was August 3, which is the date for my sister-in-law’s birthday.
Happy Birthday, Sis! with many more years to come….

We didn’t make a big deal about it, partly because I usually forget somebody’s birthday if it falls on the first week of the month and I haven’t changed the calendar page yet.
Also, this birthday for her doesn’t end in a 0 (zero), so it seems like maybe it’s just another day and life goes on.

The main reason for forgetting a family member’s birthday is we were quite busy somewheres else.

As in: Helping son Lucas change living quarters!

Oh, yeah. Ya think parenting ends when the diapers are done? or the first day of Kindergarten? or high school Graduation? or even a college degree?

Nope, our middle kid is in Grad school (majoring in Mathematics) and we’re still glad to help.

One bank sign I passed said the temp was 91o, yet we drove for an hour, taking a carload of stuff across the prairie.  There had been a table here in the study doing nothing but holding up a boombox and two boxes of books, with more boxes of books and papers under it.
That got folded flat, stuffed into the car where the back seat folds down, then covered with an old quilt.
Two wooden chairs I bought at a yard sale ($5 for both) resting sideways, then a box of oddstuff wedged in.

I had to ride with the passenger seat fairly close to the dashboard and my crochet bag between my feet, but by cracketys, it all fit!  My husband is the bestest puzzle solver ever!  His spatial reasoning skills are beyond measure.

After we got to town, we waited in line to rent a big van from U-Haul.  Folks who live in close proximity to a major university completely understand about move-in time.  I sure hope the clerks answering the phone and doing vehicle inspection realize how important is the job they do.  Thousands of parents should be appreciative.

The van was needed to move the computer desk from storage in a garage, his bed and mattress from his current room in the student house basement, a couch in storage at a friend’s place, a chest-of-drawers from the second hand store.

In the heat, carrying boxes and furniture, refilling water bottles, using the tape measure, doors opening and closing, and greeting new neighbors.

We took a break for lunch, then another for supper.  Lucas said he hadn’t eaten often at either of the places, that being with parents is different than friends.  Also, the rental van was so much easier than borrowing a friend’s dad’s truck.  The odometer said only 30 miles was accumulated, but how nice it was to have the space for fewer trips.

The bedframe got put together at my insistence.
I wanted to make sure my son had a place to sleep after such a long and tiring day.  He said he doesn’t know which box held the sheets, but that’s okay.  I did tell him there was a towel in the box I brought, so at least he could get a shower.

Last stop was the grocery store.  He wanted something to eat for breakfast at home, and needed detergent for doing dishes, and potty paper.  Both of those items were counted as routine supplies in the communal rooms at his previous living quarters.

This apartment is shared with only one girlfriend and their cat, Scratchy.  He had to sign an extra paper to have a pet, but giving up Scratchy is not an option, even though we would take in the furryboy in a nanosecond.

I’m so glad the kid has a room above ground, with a great view looking across the street at the police station.

I forgot to take my camera with me.
My mind’s eye pictures will have to be enough.

We got home close to 11pm.  I fed the cats, who were not amused at being left alone most of the day and dinner was much belated.

I also called dibs on the shower, so Husband checked his messages.  Apparently, his job got along without him for his vacation day, so I’m glad about that.

Today is gonna be slow and easy.

~~love and Huggs, Diane
ps Husband also wrote about our day at DOF ‘Move On’

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