Pretty much done tossing, Down to organizing

Golly gosh, this place is more of a mess than when I started.

I really think that a month should have been long enough to have made some sense of it.

I am still infected with the
“I WILL have A Grand Use  for this some day” sentiments.

Especially the children’s books, the yarn and crochet thread.

It’s only polite that we each get two of the bookcases for our stuff, but I can’t seem to relieve it down for my share.

Three shelves more…..

Oh, and the yarn needs more organizing.  It should fit within that closet space, really it should.  If I could devote so many hours to crochet, I would get through the whole supply and have a great many projects to admire.

I’m needing lunch and a shower.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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