Still Going with the Papers

Well, I didn’t think it could be done, but I went through SEVEN (‘7’) boxes of old papers and pictures which were removed from the closet and cabinet.

Two newly purchased Rubbermaid bins (actually made in the USA) have been brought into service as the For Keeps storage containers.
They are now on the top shelf of the closet (only the top shelf, not the whole area), where I will forget again for years.

I began clearing children’s books off the shelf.
Even as a TA, I don’t really need all the kiddie books I own.
Yessirree, the first shelf is only half full now, with the rest in a box going to the public library’s book sale.

No, Wait!  what’s this? at the far right side?
a folder with a newspaper clipping dangling out of the corner

Aarrgghh!  I simply cannot face another keepsake right now.

Except this folder holds information about birth of Son #3.
Paper clipping with the father’s name written incorrectly as Gary.
The list of who brought in meals, with marks for Thank You notes.

with the picture sent out to friends and family

brothers Lucas and Joey meet their brother Christopher 3/31/85

I put the folder, still intact, back on the bookshelf for now.
I don’t think my foot would like it much if I had to climb up on the stool again so soon.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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