Change is Fast, if it’s not Slow

My car hasn’t moved since Tuesday, when I brought home $63 worth of groceries from Kroger.
This isn’t to say it is broken, or that I am housebound.

No, indeed, it means I’ve been doing errands on my bicycle.

Husband and I went out for breakfast one morning before he had to be at the job to unlock the door for the computer Lab.
I’ve been out on the Trail alone a few times, I fetched more yarn of a certain color from the storeroom at the Senior Center.
I returned books to the library, and carried papers to be Notarized to an office (consider me a Certified Teacher’s Assistant!)

Also, Oscar and I have developed a routine of walking down the cul-de-sac each morning and afternoon.  He usually stays close to our house, only goes alone a little way to the north.  There are dogs in yards for two directions, so he avoids them.

However, with me walking, he will stay right along the curb about 10 feet behind me.  When we get to the tree at the bottom, he will sniff and sniff out of curiosity, then I’ll call his name and he races back up the street then circles around again.
When we get back inside the house, he takes a long drink of water, then flops down on the little rug by the kitchen door.
This morning, I picked him up and put him in his bed, where he slept for 3 hours.
Old cat and almost old lady make neighbors smile.

The job search has stalled.  I have Apps out, but nobody calls about an interview.  One post was advertised as being open until 4pm today, so we shall see.

Meanwhile, Husband has renewed his request for me to clear out the study to make room for exercise equipment.

It really is time for us to work our baby-boomer bodies better.

There is no longer a need for daycare items to be piled hither and yon.  And my craft supplies need some organization so instead of searching bags and boxes, I can use my time for creativity.

He says being able to hop on a cross-trainer for 20 minutes, then stroll directly down the hall to our own bathroom and shower would be a much nicer way to exercise than a gym membership.
Packing a bag, driving 15 minutes, changing clothes, waiting a turn for a machine, worrying about the sanitary status of the locker room, driving home is getting stale.

I can understand what he’s trying to say.  When I am a TA reading a child’s evaluation, I know what it meant when there was a note “does not adjust to transitions well” because that box would be marked for me every time.

All the years we’ve been in this house.

Nothing is permanent.

Nothing is permanent
Nothing will last forever
Nothing is permanent

Rain falls and turns to mud
And then it dries and blows away, away
Grass grows in yards of green
And then it gets too tall and causes worry

Need leads to satisfied
Which doesn’t last so long and well
You know

All things, always change
And change is fast if it’s not slow

Nothing is permanent
Nothing will last forever
Nothing is permanent

Where was the neighborhood
Before they marked off all the streets and roads
Who came to live here first
And does it really matter
I don’t think so
New stores of few design
Look old and dated long before they fall
Buildings of any sort are just lean-tos and that’s all

Nothing is permanent
Nothing will last forever
Nothing is permanent

Finch Brave Combo

So what am I doing sitting here typing?

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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