Visitors a bit off course

Yesterday afternoon, Mahalia was at the window going nutso.  I mean, she was pushing with her paws on the glass, a low rumble from deep in her belly was making a weird sound from her mouth.

I came over to see whatever would be in the yard to bother her so much.

Although there are only 3 ducks in the picture, the 4th duck was closer to the house and was what was causing all the ruckus from the cat on the shelf by the window.

We are at least a half mile from the creek, and many miles from a pond or lake, so I guess these visitors were a wee bit off course.

When they flew away, in a diamond formation, I could hear the beating of their wings.

Nature, up close and personal.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

ps the tall green stuff will have to be mowed soon, before the neighbors begin to make noises about ‘curb appeal’

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