Blue and Green Lap Robe

Usually, when I’m doing a crochet project, I work on one item until I am done and then move on.  This last month has been very different in that I began a baby afghan and put it into my crochet bag, so I work on it when I am at a guitar recital or a meeting or during Fellowship Hour at church.
When I was working a few days at the high school, I couldn’t take my crochet bag, but dropped a ball of 4 ply cotton and one hook into my school bag.  This came in handy when I had a couple extra minutes during a bus ride, so I have part of a potholder done.

Meanwhile, at home, I have partial skeins of yarn all in a row on the coffee table for working on a lap robe.  They are laid out for easy viewing because I wanted to decide the order to work stripes and colors.
The projects from scraps can often put my skills as a visionary into overdrive.  I’m more of a step-by-step person, so when I tie off the last row and hold up the finished blanket, I’m almost as surprised at the ending as anybody.

this lap robe got done last evening

crocheted with a size G hook and 3-ply sport acrylic yarn
measures 32” x 38”  earmarked for the county nursing home

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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